domenica 5 settembre 2010

True Blood: 3x06 - I Got a Right to Sing the Blues - Canzoni dell'episodio

Cary Ann Hearst - Hells Bells

Jim Prendergas - Honky Tonk Baby

MC Solaar - La Belle et Le Bad Boy

Billie Holiday - I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues

Teresa Stratas - Youkali Tango

Johannes Brahms - Rhapsody in G minor Op. 79 No. 2

Bosshouse - Sixty Days On The Road

eBlues Highway - Double Shot Of You

Michael Mazochi - Oh My My

Art Lilliards Heavenly Band - Bizness Changes

Jonny Savarino - Over The Moon

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JUS IN BELLO - Terza Convention Italiana di Supernatural [Image credits: Jenks]
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