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Nominations Emmy 2010

Poche ore fa sono state annunciate le nomination per la 62esima edizione degli Emmy che si terrà il 29 Agosto.
Dopo anni Lost riceve una nomination come Miglior Serie Drama e Matthew Fox riceve la sua prima nomination agli Emmy. Sorprende anche la candidatura di Chuck nella categoria per gli Stuntman, la stessa che vede un'alquanto insolita nomination anche per House.
Salvo qualche grande assente, le nomination di quest'anno non sorprendono e non deludono più di tanto.
Di seguito vi riporto le sole catogorie contenenti le serie presenti su Spoilerati. Per la lista completa vi rimando qui

Outstanding Art Direction For A Single-Camera Series
Glee • Pilot
Lost • Ab Aeterno [Zack Grobler, Matthew Jacobs,Carol Bayne Kelley]
Modern Family • Moon Landing • Fears
True Blood • Never Let Me Go • I Will Rise Up • Frenzy • HBO [Suzuki Ingerslev,Cat Smith, Laura Richarz]
The Tudors • Episode #407 • Episode #408

Outstanding Casting For A Drama Series
Big Love
Dexter • Showtime [Shawn Dawson]
Friday Night Lights
The Good Wife
Mad Men
True Blood • HBO [Junie Lowry Johnson, Libby Goldstein]

Outstanding Cinematography For A One Hour Series
Breaking Bad • No Mas
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation • Family Affair
FlashForward • No More Good Days • ABC [Kramer Morgenthau]
Mad Men • Shut The Door. Have A Seat.
The Tudors • Episode 410

Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series
Breaking Bad • One Minute
Dexter • The Getaway • Showtime [Steve Shill]
Lost • The End • ABC [Jack Bender]
Mad Men • Guy Walks Into An Advertising Agency
Treme • Do You Know What It Means (Pilot)

Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Drama Series
Breaking Bad • No Mas
Dexter • The Getaway • Showtime [Matthew V. Colonna]
Lost • The End • ABC [Stephen Semel, Mark J. Goldman, Christopher Nelson, Henk Van Eeghan]
Mad Men • The Gypsy And The Hobo
Mad Men • Guy Walks Into An Advertising Agency

Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media – Fiction
Dexter Interactive • • Showtime Presents, John Goldwyn
Productions, The Colleton Company, Clyde Phillips Productions
Glee Hyperpromo And Superfan •
Star Wars: Uncut •

Outstanding Makeup For A Single-Camera Series
Castle • Vampire Weekend
Glee • The Power Of Madonna
Glee • Theatricality
Grey’s Anatomy • Suicide Is Painless • ABC [Norman Leavitt, Brigitte Bugayong, Michele Teleis]
Mad Men • Souvenir

Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup For A Series, Miniseries, Movie Or A Special
Grey’s Anatomy • How Insensitive • ABC [Norman Leavitt, Bari Dreiband-Burman, Thom Floutz, Bart Mixon, Vincent Van Dyke, Thomas R. Burman]
Nip/Tuck • Enigma
The Pacific
True Blood • Scratches • HBO [Brigette Ellis, Ned Neidhardt, Bernhard Eichholz, Anthony Barlow, Sam Polin, Danielle Noe, Todd Masters, Dan Rebert]

Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (Original Dramatic Score)
Batman: The Brave And The Bold
FlashForward • No More Good Days • ABC [Ramin Djawadi]
Lost • The End • ABC [Michael Giacchino]
Psych • Mr. Yin Presents
24 • 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series
Bryan Cranston [Breaking Bad]
Michael C. Hall [Dexter]
Kyle Chandler [Friday Night Lights]
Hugh Laurie [House]
Matthew Fox [Lost]
Jon Hamm [Mad Men]

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series
Aaron Paul [Breaking Bad ]
Martin Short [Damages]
Terry O’Quinn [Lost]
Michael Emerson [Lost]
John Slattery [Mad Men]
Andre Braugher [Men Of A Certain Age]

Outstanding Guest Actor In A Drama Series
Beau Bridges [The Closer]
Ted Danson [Damages]
John Lithgow [Dexter]
Alan Cumming [The Good Wife]
Dylan Baker [The Good Wife]
Robert Morse [Mad Men]
Gregory Itzin [24]

Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series
Christine Baranski [The Big Bang Theory]
Kathryn Joosten [Desperate Housewives]
Kristin Chenoweth [Glee]
Tina Fey [Saturday Night Live]
Betty White [Saturday Night Live]
Elaine Stritch [30 Rock]
Jane Lynch [Two And A Half Men]

Outstanding Guest Actress In A Drama Series
Mary Kay Place [Big Love]
Sissy Spacek [Big Love]
Shirley Jones [The Cleaner]
Lily Tomlin [Damages]
Ann-Margret [Law & Order: Special Victims Unit]
Elizabeth Mitchell [Lost]

Outstanding Drama Series
Breaking Bad
The Good Wife
Mad Men
True Blood

Outstanding Special Class Programs
ABC’s LOST Presents: Mysteries Of The Universe – The Dharma Initiative [Christopher J. Powers, Ted Bramble, Agnes Chu]
82nd Annual Academy Awards
Avatar: Enter The World Of Pandora (HBO First Look)
30 Rock: Webisodes

Outstanding Sound Editing For A Series
Breaking Bad • One Minute
Fringe • White Tulip • FOX [Paul Curtis, Rick Norman, Bruce Tanis, Paul Apelgren, Shelley Roden, Rick Partlow]
Lost • The End • ABC [Thomas E. deGorter, Joe Schultz, Paula Fairfield, Carla Murray, Maciek Malish, Lloyd Jay Keiser, Geordy Sincavage, Allen Mark, Robert Kellough, Chris Reeves, Gabrielle Reeves, Alex Levy, Adam De Coster, James Bailey]
True Blood • Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ • HBO [John Benson, Jason Krane,Stuart Martin,
Brian Thomas Nist, Bruno Coon, Zane Bruce, Jeff Gunn]
24 • 4:00 AM – 5:00 AM

Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series
Dexter • Hello, Dexter Morgan [ James P. Clark, Elmo Ponsdomenech, Kevin Roache, Jeremy Balko]
Glee • The Power Of Madonna
House • Epic Fail [Von Varga, Juan Cisneros, Richard Weingart, Gerry Lentz]
Lost • The End [Bobby Anderson, Ken King, Frank Morrone, Scott Weber]
24 • 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series
Caprica • There Is Another Sky
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation • Family Affair
Stargate Universe • Air
V • Pilot [Andrew Orloff, Karen Czukerberg, Chris Zapara, Johnathan R. Banta, Steve Graves, Christopher Irving, Michael Cliett, Roberto Biagi]

Outstanding Stunt Coordination
Chuck • Chuck Vs. The Tic Tac [Merritt Yohnka]
FlashForward • No More Good Days [Danny Weselis]
House • Brave Heart [Jim Vickers]
Human Target • Run
24 • 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series
Friday Night Lights • The Son
The Good Wife • Pilot
Lost • The End [Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse]
Mad Men • Guy Walks Into An Advertising Agency
Mad Men • Shut The Door. Have A Seat.
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